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Computational Fracture Mechanics in Concrete Technology

Computational Fracture Mechanics in Concrete Technology

Edited By: A. CARPINTERI, Politecnico di Torino, Italy and M.H. Aliabadi, Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom


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Advances in Fracture Mechanics

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The technological and economical importance of concrete has increased considerably for the construction industry as the 20th Century has progressed. In particular, its use has become even more important in structural applications since the steel crisis of the 1980s.

This book describes the most recent computational approaches, based on fracture mechanics, for the structural analysis of concrete and reinforced concrete. Both smeared and localized numerical fracture models which simulate damage zones and discrete cracks developing in loaded concrete members are considered. Particular loading conditions are also discussed where the use of fracture mechanics is appropriate.

Written by prominent researchers in the field, Computational Fracture Mechanics in Concrete Technology covers: Materials engineering of cement-based composites using lattice type models; Computational damage mechanics; Continuum damage applied to concrete modelling; Integral equation method for modeling cracking concrete; A discrete crack numerical model; Boundary element method for analysis of cracking in plain and reinforced concrete; and, Creep crack growth in concrete structures - cohesive crack model in mode I and mixed-mode loading conditions.

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