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Wessex Institute

Located in the beautiful New Forest National Park in England, the Wessex Institute of Technology (also known as the Wessex Institute or WIT) is a unique organisation serving the international scientific community. Created in 1986 by Professor Carlos Brebbia, the Institute has been established for more than 25 years.

The overall aim of Wessex Institute of Technology is to develop a series of knowledge transfer mechanisms, particularly directed towards the exchange of information between academics and professional users within industry. This is achieved through a range of activities organised by a dedicated team of staff within the Institute and its associate companies. A large network of prestigious contacts and links have been established with many organisations throughout the world.

For the latest information on the activities of the Wessex Institute of Technology visit www.wessex.ac.uk


Core Activities of the Wessex Institute of Technology

Graduate Programmes

The academic activities of the Wessex Institute of Technology are centred on its New Forest campus at Ashurst Lodge. They consist of a series of graduate programmes at Doctoral and Master level, many of which are held in collaboration with other academic institutions all over the world.

The academic success of the Wessex Institute can be measured not only by the substantial number of PhDs that have been awarded but also from positions of responsibility in academia and industry obtained by graduates of the Institute.

International Conference Programme

The Wessex Institute of Technology organises an extensive annual conference programme. These conferences are a product of the Institutes many formal international links and scientific contacts. Originally focused on physical sciences and engineering, the range of topics covered by the meetings has expanded to cover a wide variety of fields ranging from ecology to architecture.

The Wessex Institute of Technology conference programme is particularly unique as papers presented at the conferences are available in hard cover and digital format. Digital versions of the papers presented can be downloaded from the WIT Press eLibrary where many papers are Open Access.

Publishing Activities

WIT Press is the publishing arm of the Wessex Institute of Technology. It not only provides an essential contribution to the smooth running of the Institute’s conferences by publishing the proceedings but also produces a number of specialised monographs and edited works.

WIT Press is responsible for the production of hard copy books as well as the digital production of conference proceedings. The proceedings of the Institute's conferences, since 1993, are available in digital format in the WIT Press eLibrary.

Software Services

The Wessex Institute of Technology is associated with the creation of the Boundary Element Method through the pioneering work of the Institute’s founder and Director, Professor Carlos Brebbia. Many developments at the Institute have been incorporated in a general purpose computer simulation code called BEASY (Boundary Element Analysis System).

The BEASY software company (www.beasy.com) was formed to develop and maintain the BEASY code as a service to industry. It provides a valuable service to major industries such as aerospace, automotive, mechanical, offshore and naval, as well as specialised applications in fields such as biomedicine, electromagnetics and fracture mechanics amongst many others.