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Publishing a Book? Let us help you


If you have an idea for a book or have written your manuscript and would like to have it published, WIT Press can guide you through the preparation and help you avoid any technical difficulties.


Why choose WIT Press:


  • Over 30 years’ experience.


Our wealth of experience in science and technology publishing will help to bring your publishing projects to successful fruition.


  • A wide range of publishing formats and services.
  • Book cover creation including bespoke design.
  • A professional and efficient editorial and production team.


Our editorial and production team will provide a professional and efficient contact point throughout your book’s development.


  • Simultaneous publication of print and electronic versions.
  • Dissemination of your book information to the global market.
  • Global distribution of your book via sales agents and online bookshops. Includes witpress.com and Amazon


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