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Sustainable Tourism X

Sustainable Tourism X

Edited By: S. Syngellakis, Wessex Institute, UK and P. Diaz Rodriguez, University of La Laguna, Spain


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The tenth volume from the successful international conference series on sustainable tourism. Tourism is an important component of development, not only in economic terms but also for knowledge and human welfare. Today, tourism is an activity accessible to a growing number of people.

The phenomenon has many more advantages than disadvantages. New forms of economic development and increasing wealth of human societies depend on tourism. Human welfare has physiological and psychological elements, which tourism promotes, both because of the enjoyment of knowing new territories and increasing contacts with near or far away societies and cultures.

The tourism industry has nevertheless given rise to some serious concerns, including social costs and ecological impacts. Many ancient local cultures have practically lost their identity. Their societies have orientated their economy only to this industry. Both the natural and cultural – rural or urban – landscapes have also paid a high price for certain forms of tourism. These problems will persist if the economic benefit is the only target, leading to economic gains that eventually become ruinous. It is also important to consider that visitors nowadays are increasingly demanding in cultural and environmental terms.

The research papers included in this book focus on finding ways to protect the natural and cultural landscape through the development of new solutions that minimise the adverse effects of tourism.

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