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Eco-Architecture IX

Eco-Architecture IX

Harmonisation between Architecture and Nature

Edited By: P. Chias, University of Acala, Spain and S. Hernandez, University of A Coruña, Spain and Member of WIT Board of Directors


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Architecture is very multi-disciplinary, attracting many different professions. This is reflected in the contributions contained in this volume that were originally presented at the 9th International Conference on Harmonisation between Architecture and Nature.

The included works review the challenges and new opportunities of contemporary architecture as a result of advances in design and new building technologies, as well as the development of new materials.

Never before in history have architects and engineers had such a range of new processes and products open to them. In spite of that, the construction industry lags behind all others in taking advantage of a wide variety of new technologies. This is understandable, due to the inherent complexity and uniqueness of each architectural project. Advances in computer and information systems, including robotics, offers the possibility of developing new architectural forms, construction products and building technologies that are just now starting to emerge. Changes have also taken place in the way modern society works and lives, due to the impact of modern technologies.

Patterns of work have been disrupted and changed, affecting transportation and the home environment. The demand is for a new type of habitat that can respond to the changes and the consequent requirements in terms of the urban environment.

Such topics are dealt with as building technologies, design by passive systems, design with nature, cultural sensitivity, life cycle assessment, resources and rehabilitation and many others including case studies from many different places around the world.

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