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An IP Network-based Signal Control System For Automatic Block Signal And Its Functional Enhancement


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K. Hayakawa, T. Miura, R. Ishima, H. Soutome, H. Tanuma & Y. Yoshida


Conventional signalling systems for automatic block signals have several problems, such as the complicated wiring work for relays and unreliable simplex devices. We developed an IP Network-based Signal Control System for Automatic Block Signal. A Logic Controller (LC), placed in a signal house, integrates several control logics of signalling field devices. A Field Controller (FC), placed near each automatic block signal, electrically controls the signalling field devices. The LC and FCs exchange the control data through an IP network, the connection of which is simpler than conventional relay circuits. In order to enhance maintainability and transport stability in introducing this system into service, the following new functions have been developed. A diagnostic function enables the FCs to recognize where a malfunction of field devices or cables has happened, by means of current sensors added in the FCs. It is also possible to maintain train operations, even in the case of a malfunction of track circuits, by tracing train movements around the track circuits concerned. These new functions are expected to contribute to quick restoration at the breakdown in the signalling devices and the stable transport. We have carried out field tests to confirm their functionalities and characteristics in the wayside environment. This paper describes the above-mentioned functional enhancement and its field test results as well as an outline of an IP Network-based Signal Control System for Automatic Block Signal.


IP-network, PON, automatic block signal, track circuit, current sensor, maintainability