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Research On The Simulation Of An Automatic Train Over Speed Protection Driver-machine Interface Based On Model Driven Architecture


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B. Y. Guo, W. Du & Y. J. Mao


The principle of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) was drawn into the emulation research of an Automatic Train over speed Protection (ATP) drivermachine interface (DMI). To realize the functions of the DMI, a new method based on the MDA principle was raised. Specific to the requirement of the DMI, the ICV (Core Interface-Frame Controller-View) model was proposed. This is the Platform Independent Model of the ATP driver-machine interface. ICV is a View-centred GUI model that includes a Core Interface and a Frame Controller. The View was used for the description of interface visualization. The Frame Controller accomplished the communication between the driver and the on-board vital computer (VC) by the display of different views. The Core Interface provided the information bridge among View, the driver and VC. Then the detailed transform rules from the Platform Independent Model to the Platform Specific Model were drawn up. The transform rules were separated into two parts. One part realized the core communication function to ensure the accuracy of the system communication interface by the auto-transform method and, according to the definition of the Platform Independent Model, the other part built each module of the ICV model using manual mode. The ultimate complete ATP driver-machine interface system satisfied the emulation requirements, and has been used for the research of the evaluation and testing on the CTCS-3. Keywords: ATP driver-machine interface, MDA, GUI model, simulation.


ATP driver-machine interface, MDA, GUI model, simulation