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Design, Development, Application, Safety Assessment And Simulation Of The Railway Signaling System


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B. Ning, T. Tang, C. Gao & J. Xun


The railway signaling system is one of the key subsystems in railway systems to ensure the train operation efficiency and safety. It is a complicated system. However, the railway signaling system is not independent in railway systems. In this paper, five parts of the railway signaling system with their features and the relationship are described in detail. Firstly, the core system of the railway signaling system is designed and developed. Re-design is carried out for the application of the core system for the specified rolling stocks and lines. The safety of the core system and the applied system needs to be assessed. Finally, a complete simulation system should be built for testing, installation, maintenance and the technique upgrading of the systems. This paper helps people to get a deep understanding about the functions, design and development, applications and simulation of railway signaling systems. Keywords: railway signaling system, system design, safety assessment, simulation. 1 Introduction The railway signaling system is the brain and nerve system of railway systems, which ensures the safety and efficiency of the train operation. However, compared with civil engineering, such as lines, bridges, tunnels, and rolling stock, the cost for a signaling system is relatively low. Generally speaking, it is less than 10% of the whole cost for a railway system. Little attention has been paid give to it, either for the main line railway systems or the underground ones.


railway signaling system, system design, safety assessment,simulation