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Development Of An ES2-type Point Machine (monitoring Of Point Machine)


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N. Obata, T. Ichikura, H. Narita & H. Tanaka


The existing monitoring system for switch-point machines was introduced in order to inform dispatchers and maintenance staff when there is a breakdown or a decrease in the functioning of signal equipment. Past monitoring has been limited to the locking error detector. When the ES-type point machine with a servo-motor was introduced in 2002, it became possible to monitor other information, such as voltage, switching time, stroke, and torque. The next step was development of the ES2-type point machine, an improved ES type with greater stability. In the future, trouble with the turnout mechanism will also be monitored through techniques now under research. We will also research how to find signs of trouble before there is a breakdown. Keywords: point machine, monitoring, maintenance. 1 Introduction Recently the number of signal devices has been increasing. When signal equipment breaks down, this has a major impact on railway transportation. The existing monitoring system was introduced in order to inform dispatchers and maintenance staff if the functioning of signal equipment has decreased or there is a breakdown. In Japan, point machines have an indirect lock system. Monitoring of the point machine in the past has been directed toward locking errors. In the


point machine, monitoring, maintenance