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Research On A Novel Train Positioning Method With A Single Image


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B. Guo, T. Tang & Z. Yu


Comprehensive train monitoring is an important infrastructure detecting facility that ensures normal operation of the high-speed railway. An accurate position is the basis of precise detection. A research on the autonomous train location method is of great theoretical and practical significance for the positioning of comprehensive monitoring train and enhancing the infrastructure detecting level of the existing line. Comprehensive train monitoring synchronizes all diagnosis parameters by sharing time and position. However, it cannot correct the odometer’s accumulative error with the track circuit’s insulator in high-speed railways. This paper presents a novel position correction method with a single image. It analyses the three dimensional (3D) camera projection model and its disadvantage. A simplification from the 3D to the one dimensional (1D) model is proposed. The actual distance between the landmark and the camera optical center is calculated with image coordinates of the landmark acquired by the camera fixed on top of the train. Then, the actual position of the train can be calculated with the pre-stored landmark position and the calculated distance. Both academic and experimental errors indicate that the position correction method with a single image can satisfy the train positioning requirement. Keywords: train position, single image, projection model, one dimension simplification, landmark.


train position, single image, projection model, one dimensionsimplification, landmark