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Linkage Of A Conventional Line Dispatch System With The Shinkansen Dispatch System


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Y. Yoshino


With the partial opening of the Shin-Yatsushiro to Kagoshima-Chuo section of the Kyushu Shinkansen in March 2004, management of the connection to the conventional line limited express trains at Shin-Yatsushiro Station. It became important to provide a service in the Hakata to Kagoshima-Chuo section that was comparable to that of the transport system up to then. For that reason, station facilities were made to enable transfers between the Shinkansen and conventional line trains at the same platform. In addition, linkage functions between the Shinkansen and conventional line dispatch systems were set up as follows. - Referencing of conventional line timetables when considering revised Shinkansen timetables - Adding conventional line connection management functions to the Shinkansen programmed route control - Adding conventional line occupation display to the Shinkansen line occupation display and route control monitor - Displaying the conventional line timetable (planned and actual) on the Shinkansen timetable display monitor - Sharing of operation information provision between the Shinkansen and conventional lines - Guidance of trains and operation, including information relating to conventional line train connections on indicators for passengers The work is supported by means such as allowing dispatchers to identify the timetable of the day for the other type of train system and the current train operation status. Keywords: system linkage, transfer, operation control.


system linkage, transfer, operation control