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Paint Sludge Waste Co-processing At The ACC Wadi Cement Works In Karnataka, India


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S. P. Gautam, P. S. Bundela & M. Murumkar


Co-processing in a cement kiln is an effective, environmentally friendly and safe technology for the management of hazardous waste, such as paint sludge, because the cement process perforce provides the high temperature and long residence condition required for the complete destruction of the waste. Furthermore, it fully absorbs the energy and material value of the waste without any harmful emissions. Co-processing in cement kilns ranks higher in the waste management hierarchy when compared to other disposal options, such as incineration and landfill. Co-processing is unlike incineration and landfill processing, which leave behind residue that might have harmful impacts on the environment. Thus, co-processing of paint sludge is the best option for an ecologically sustainable solution for paint sludge waste management. The co-processing trial of paint sludge was carried out by Associated Cement Companies (ACC) under the guidance of Karnataka state pollution control board (KSPCB), in the presence of a Toyota Kirloskar Motors Limited (TKML) representative from 8th to 17th April 2008. The trial carried out had three phases, namely pre co-processing, co-processing and post co-processing. The parameters, such as dioxins and furans, total organic carbon (TOC), poly aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH), particulate matter (dust), Co2, Co, O2, NOx, So2, HCl, HF, HBr, NH3, C6H6 and heavy metal (Hg, Sb, As, Cd, Cr, Co, Cu, Pb, Mn, Ni, Ti, V) emissions, were monitored from the kiln stack during each phase of the co-processing trial. The co-processing trial run results concluded that the waste material, namely paint sludge, can be safely co-processed in cement kilns. Keywords: paint sludge waste, co-processing, pyrolysis, landfill, incineration, emissions.


paint sludge waste, co-processing, pyrolysis, landfill, incineration,emissions