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Waste Management and the Environment V

Waste Management and the Environment V

Edited By: V. POPOV, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK, H. ITOH, Nagoya University, Japan, U. MANDER, University of Tartu, Estonia and C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK


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Waste management poses numerous problems and there is a significant need for more research on current disposal methods. Following the introduction of legislation in many countries the emphasis is now on sustainable strategies. While these decrease the volume of waste that needs final disposal, answers to issues such as environmental and safety aspects of certain recycled materials or by-products of waste management activities, current technology improvements, and regulatory and monitoring problems still need to be found.

Featuring papers published at the Fifth International Conference on Waste Management and the Environment this book contains contributions on the following topics: Advanced Waste Treatment Technology; Wastewater Treatment; Resources Recovery; Waste Incineration and Gasification; Waste Pre-Treatment, Separation and Transformation; Methodologies and Practices; Landfills, Design, Construction and Monitoring; Soil and Groundwater Clean-Up; Public Awareness; Air Pollution Control; Hazardous Waste; Waste Management; Construction and Demolition Waste; Costs and Benefits of Waste Management Options; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3Rs); Energy from Waste; Electrical Waste; Rare Metals; Computer Modelling; Methodologies and Practices; Risk Assessment; Nuclear Waste; Environmental Economics Assessment; Laws and Regulations; Biological Treatments; Agricultural Wastes.

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