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Optimal Thickness Design Of Laminated Cylinders With Linearly Distributed Prestress


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P. Procházka


Recently the author published several papers on optimal prestress of laminated composites with lamina-wise uniform distribution of prestresses. The result of such an approach leads to the uniform distribution of stresses through the thickness of the structure under consideration (laminar hollow cylinders, plates, etc.). It appears from practical applications that in the case of hollow laminar cylinders the distribution of prestresses is rather linear then uniform and it is more appropriate to consider such a type of prestressing. In order to express the prestressing, eigenparameters are used. They were applied to different types of structures recently. They have been introduced as a generalization of Transformation Field Analysis, established by G.J. Dvorak from RPI, Troy, USA. The generalization was done by Dvorak and the author of this paper. The method from the numerical point of view leads to a linear system of equations for unconstrained problems and when restrictions are imposed on the stresses a nonlinear problem is to be solved. The solution of such systems is relatively simple and is briefly mentioned in this paper. The application of the proposed problem is suitable for structures from composite materials, for laminated or layered structures, etc. In our study a laminated hollow cylinder will be investigated from the theoretical standpoint and also some examples will be presented. The linear distribution of eigenparameters is considered. 1 Introduction Recently, the author with coauthors have published several papers, e.g. [2], [4], on optimization of stresses controlled by an appropriate choice of eigenparameters in certain sense (plain optimization, the optimization of reinforcing prestresses, the lay-ups and prestressing). These optimizations were