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An Analysis Of User Satisfaction On Transit Stop And Station Services On The Dar Es Salaam–Arusha National Highway Road, Tanzania


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S. S. Lushakuzi & D. G. Daudi


This research focuses on transit travellers who were thought to be forgotten in the sense that there exists a low standard of transit stop and station services for them. Transit travellers expend a great deal of time and energy on out-of-vehicle walking and waiting, which significantly affects their perceived burdens of travel. The main objective of this research therefore, was to make an analysis of users’ satisfaction of transit stop and station services in Dar es Salaam to the Arusha National Highway Road, Tanzania. This study is based on the valuepercept disparity theory, which was developed in response to the problem that customers could be satisfied by aspects for which expectations may never exist. The value-percept theory views satisfaction as an emotional response triggered by a cognitive-evaluative process. A survey design was adopted, with a sample of fifty (50) respondents only. Multiple methods were used to gather information. Primary and secondary data was collected, tested and found to be fit, reliable and valid for making meaningful interpretation. The research findings were based on Total Score Value (TSV) results at the transit stops and stations, which indicate unfavourable opinions and the association of all attributes were at 0.05 and 0.01 significant levels.


users’ satisfaction, transit stops, stations services.