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Goods Logistics In The City Centre Of Brno


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M. Pokorná & K. Nedvědová


The topic of this article is about goods logistics in the city centre of Brno. The city’s logistic concept should mitigate the negative impact of urban freight transportation without penalizing the activities in the city of Brno such as economic, social or cultural activities. Freight and business traffic in urban areas is a very important topic due to the essential economic and societal needs. The gaining of experience in city freight and business traffic management will therefore contribute to the European objectives, especially in energy savings end emission reductions. City logistics have to respect the need of the city to include its solution into the framework of the urbanistic concept of development or also environmental issues of the city including safety of traffic. City logistics do not concern only freight transport, it is necessary to take into account all the movements of the persons in the city area, which are needed for the operation of the enterprises, services and entrepreneurial locations, i.e. \“official” private transport. Within the analytic part the available information is gained on the current state of the supply system in Brno, finding the location of the largest targets for supply transport and the structure of supply cars in the individual zones. The necessary changes in the supply system in Brno (especially in the centre area of the town) will be solved in the proposal part of this article. The locations of the logistics centre or more logistics centres in the context of their connection to the transport infrastructure will be suggested. The efficiency and profitability of operations of logistics relationships will also be assessed. The demand for the use of logistic centres from retailers and small traders will also be solved as well as the acceptability of locating logistic operations and their use by customers.


city logistics, distribution centre, freight transport, Brno.