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Influence Of Inerts On Explosion Limits Of Hybrid Mixtures


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J. Serafín & J. Damec


Problems of formation of hybrid mixtures are a rather neglected hazard to the manufacturing process. With the origin of such mixtures a necessity of minimizing possible risks that may accompany the formation of hybrid mixtures is connected as well. The article focuses especially on problems of possible inerting hybrid mixtures. Keywords: inerting, hybrid mixture, prevention. 1 Introduction At present, when new substances are used, the formation of a hybrid mixture is not a great problem. The concern is for the moment when the possibility of the formation of hybrid mixture is neglected and thus a hazard resulting from the formation of hybrid mixture is not handled sufficiently. One of possibilities of preventing large-scale damage that can be caused by the occurrence of hybrid mixture is efficient inerting this mixture. 2 Definition of basic terms used 2.1 Lower explosion limit The lower explosion limit (henceforth referred to as LEL) is the lower limit of explosion range. LEL represents such as a value when a shortage of flammable substance in the mixture with an oxidizing agent manifests itself. Here it should be stated that LEL does not depend on a ratio of oxygen to nitrogen in the mixture as stated frequently [1, 2].


inerting, hybrid mixture, prevention