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Within-day Traffic Assignment And Signal Setting In Road Evacuation: A Procedure With Explicit Path Enumeration


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F. A. Marcianò, G. Musolino & A. Vitetta


In the sphere of the SICURO research project, we propose a framework for signal setting design of road intersections with explicit path enumeration. The framework has two main components: an optimization procedure for signal setting design and a within-day simulation procedure to capture effects of signal setting modification on path choice behaviour. The paper describes the elements of the simulation procedure and illustrates some disaggregate results obtained from its application on an experimental test site. Keywords: within-day traffic assignment, signal setting design, evacuation. 1 Introduction Signalized intersections are critical points of a transport network. Signal setting design is an effective strategy to increase network capacity and to mitigate congestion in urban areas and with particular reference to emergency conditions. However, signal setting design models in literature do not provide solutions that take into account path choice behaviour and there are few examples of development and application of signal setting design models in evacuation conditions. We represent the problem of signal setting design of intersections in a road network as an optimization problem subject to equilibrium constraints. In other words, travel demand flows must be consistent with travel times generated by signal setting parameters.


within-day traffic assignment, signal setting design, evacuation