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Personal Protection Rails For Strong Impacts


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J. C. Pomares Torres, E. G. Segovia Eulogio & R. Irles Más


According to EN 13374, type C temporary edge protection systems are the set of components designed to protect people from falling to a lower level, and to restrain material. This system may incorporate a safety net attached to a bracket structure so that it may be used vertically. This document analyses such fundamental aspects as their design and the solution to the problem posed by the brackets or hard points which can cause injury to the victim of an accident. We have therefore studied the phenomenon through a variety of numerical models using ANSYS finite element software, and we have reached useful conclusions such as the required geometrical shape, the cross section of the profiles, and the impact factors suffered by accident victims. We are therefore able to make some general points with regard to the regulatory text. Keywords: rail, safety, net, fall, impact, stiffness, EN13374. 1 Introduction If we consider the everyday activities of human beings at work, the construction industry has produced and continues to produce the most serious accidents. According to Spanish Labour Ministry statistics, if we average out the last 5 years, only taking falls to a different level into account, there are 2,042 serious accidents and 114 mortal accidents every year, which equates to 26.74% of the total number of serious accidents and 13.47% of the total number of mortal accidents, respectively. Safety handrails or temporary edge protection systems are used in construction work, primarily to prevent persons and objects falling to a lower level from rooftops, edges, staircases and other areas where protection is required. According to EN 13374:2004 [1], three types of handrails exist, A, B and C, depending on the angle of the working surface and the height of the drop. Type


rail, safety, net, fall, impact, stiffness, EN13374