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Optimal Grid Pattern Model For Search And Rescue Operation In Dipterocarp Forest Research Methodology


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S. N. Alsagoff


Many people go lost or missing in dense jungle or forest area each year. When this occurs, time is of the essence when trying to locate the person. If the person is just lost, he or she can try to find the closest trail and follow the trail back. The problem occurs when the person is injured, incapacitated or even dead. It is up to the search and rescue (SAR) teams to locate the person at the search area. The search area is an area where the lost or missing person is most likely to be located. To overcome this problem, a research on optimal grid pattern model for search and rescue operation in dipterocarp forest will be conducted. Keywords: search and rescue, formation, maneuver, GPS, network centric, command and control. 1 Introduction When a SAR mission is conducted, tactics are used to maximize the search capability of the team. It includes the ordered arrangement and manoeuvre of the SAR team members in relation to each other. Command and control are required to ensure that the search area is effectively and efficiently searched. Currently, all command and control of the arrangement and maneuver of team are conducted through either visual or verbal communication. The SAR team leader will also need to be aware of the location of his SAR team members to ensure that no part of the search area is missed. In a dense jungle or forest environment, with its various thick flora and fauna, command and control will be difficult to maintain. The lack of command and control can even lead to lost


search and rescue, formation, maneuver, GPS, network centric, command and control