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A Framework To Assess The Social And Economic Impacts On Communities And Industries Due To Loss In Serviceability Of Infrastructure Networks After Floods


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A. Deshmukh, E. H. Oh & M. Hastak


The functioning of communities and industries depends on the infrastructure network. Daily activities (such as production, shipping, supply chain, etc., for industries and commuting to work, business, schooling, etc., for communities) are performed efficiently with the help of the infrastructure network. It is vital for the infrastructure to function efficiently at all times. However, during disasters, either manmade or natural, the functioning or serviceability of the infrastructure could be severely affected. This in turn has an impact on the activities/services of communities and industries. These activities and services contribute socially and economically. When their functioning is affected and usually reduced in the case of disasters, their social and economic contribution is reduced. This reduction can be assessed as social and economic impact on communities and industries due to reduction in serviceability of the infrastructure network. This paper presents a framework that establishes a relationship between the services and activities of communities and industries and infrastructure. The paper also provides a unique approach to assess social and economic impacts due to serviceability reduction of infrastructure after floods. The framework is a step towards providing valuable information for decision making during the quick recovery phase after disaster. Keywords: floods, disaster risk reduction, severity, critical infrastructure, social and economic impacts.


floods, disaster risk reduction, severity, critical infrastructure, social and economic impacts