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The Concept Of Social Risks Perception


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K. Kampová


The purpose of this paper is to present an approach of structural perception of risks associated with human security, which is based on the research carried out at the Faculty of Special Engineering, University of Zilina. The risks relating to human security have a specific nature, which is based in their consequences impacting simultaneously on both humans personally and on the whole of society. Therefore, such risks are distinctive by the two forms they can be perceived in – individual and societal. Generally, we refer to these risks as social risks. The presented concept of social risk perception provides a fundamental theoretical framework, which is the precondition of understanding the background of social risk complexity. Social risk and its perception are important concepts for national and regional policies, because the understanding of how people and the broader community perceive risk contributes to successful social risk analysis and consecutively to developing effective measures for reducing or eliminating of social risks. Keywords: human security, social risks, quantitative methods, uncertainty, model. 1 Concept of human security and social risk The increasing interconnectivity within trade, finance, technology, communications, and population mobility has created impacts on citizens across the globe, which may be difficult or impossible for states to regulate. Therefore, besides national security and technical security, the complex understanding of security has been recently emphasizing the threats impacting human. We commonly refer to this dimension of the conceptual understanding of security as a human security.


human security, social risks, quantitative methods, uncertainty, model