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Analysis Of The Y2K Problem From The Viewpoint Of Risk Communication


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M. Taniyama & R. Sasaki


Various risk factors have been increasing as the result of the increasing ubiquity of the Internet. In order to share recognition concerning the risk among participants such as the public, risk communication is necessary. To develop effective risk communication, it is important to examine examples from the past and to analyze the problems and their countermeasures. In this paper, we define risk communication, and then describe the Y2K problem as an example of risk communication. Through the investigation of newspapers and Web articles in both Japan and the United States, we describe the countermeasures taken with regard to the Y2K problem by the public, the government, mass media, and experts. These results are used to suggest countermeasures for risk communication regarding the Year 2038 problem, which is similar to the Y2K problem and for the risk against the information infrastructure, which may occur in the future. Keywords: risk, risk communication, risk management, Y2K problem, Year 2038 problem. 1 Introduction Various risks are related to the increasing ubiquity of the Internet. It is important to recognize and communicate these risks to those involved, including the general public. A method of determining appropriate risk communications that can be used to analyze future problems and form countermeasures is the examination of past examples. In the present paper, we examine the Y2K problem because this problem was anticipated early on, discussed extensively, and had a known cause.


risk, risk communication, risk management, Y2K problem, Year 2038problem.