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Risk Analysis VI

Simulation and Hazard Mitigation

Edited By: C.A. Brebbia and E. BERIATOS, University of Thessaly, Greece


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Advances in computational methods and the ability to model systems more precisely now enable hazards to be quantified, their effects to be simulated and risk analysis to be pursued with greater accuracy, providing for more effective risk management. These developments are not only important for all areas of human endeavour but have particular relevance to environmental issues where the risks involved are substantial. Effective risk management and the mitigation of possible hazards have become a high priority of government and a public concern.

This volume of the Transactions of Wessex Institute contains papers presented at RISK 2008 , the 6th International Conference on Computer Simulation Risk Analysis and Hazard Mitigation, covering a series of important topics which are of current research interest and have practical applications. This volume contains contributions in many aspects of risk analysis and hazard mitigation, ranging from specific amounts of risk mitigation associated with both natural and anthropogenic hazards. The proceedings has been arranged into the following sections: Estimation of Risk; Risk Management; Vulnerability; Geomorphic Risk; Network Systems; Climate Change Risks; Hazard Prevention, Management and Control; Security in Public Places - the SERKET Project; Transportation Safety; Safe Ship Operations.

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