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European Digital Content Sharing Services For Health Protection And Occupational Risk Prevention


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F. Rizzo, D. Ugolini, L. Maiorana, M. Gonzalez Rodriguez, I. Laamanen, P. Boffetta, E. Mirkova, A. C. Wasilewska, G. Viano & D. Vecchio


European digital content sharing services for health protection and occupational risk prevention F. Rizzo1, D. Ugolini1,2, L. Maiorana1, M. Gonzalez Rodriguez3, I. Laamanen4, P. Boffetta5, E. Mirkova6, A. C. Wasilewska7, G. Viano8 & D. Vecchio1 1Department of Epidemiology and Prevention, National Cancer Research Institute, Italy 2Department of Oncology, Biology and Genetics, Genoa University, Italy 3Fundacion Robotiker, Spain 4Finnish Institute for Occupational Health, Finland 5International Agency for Research on Cancer, France 6National Center of Public Health Protection, Bulgaria 7Jagellonian University Medical College, Polish 8Softeco Sismat S.p.A., Italy Abstract The EuroWorsafe web aims at improving access to and use of large amounts of data related to the sector of health protection of workers and workplace safety. These data are presently available in many European public sector organisations, including research institutes, public health institutions and hospitals. The wide diffusion of this information would be of crucial interest for many organisations, citizens, workers, and companies to reduce risks from health hazards and to improve prevention and safety measures to contribute to the reduction of occupational cancer incidence. The access to and use of such data are often limited to scientific bodies and hampered by several barriers including language, data format, location at different organisations and non-accessibility on the internet. EuroWorksafe intends to overcome such problems by the establishment of a pan-European distributed database and the design and development of set based access services to allow the exploitation of available contents in the addressed domain and the evolving semantic web architecture based on meta-data modelling techniques, knowledge extraction methods and tools, web-based data access and semantic processing. Keywords: occupational diseases, occupational exposure, risk factors, cancer.


occupational diseases, occupational exposure, risk factors, cancer.