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Welcome To Brazil, Amazon Region, The Green Center Of The World: A Strategy For Sustainable Tourism And Eco-tourism


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M. C. Tojeiro


This work contributes to a discussion on a theoretical level on the external pressures for environmental changes which have started to act on companies of high impact potential to the environment, and the possible answers companies may have to those vectors of environmental demands. Aiming at assisting the expectations initially described, the main external conditions for the responsible companies are analyzed for the occurrence of changes in the business environmental strategies. The possible strategies adopted by the companies as an answer to these environmental determinants are classified, thus contributing to the elaboration of efficient and effective public policies that explore with responsibility this alternative of economic development. Finally, after having emphasized the limits of the concept of \“Strategic Environmental Administration”, with respect to the materialization of the new challenge imposed by the paradigm of sustained development, the so-called concept of \“Sustainable Before Management” is analyzed and presented as a sine qua non factor for a sustained environmental administration, emphasizing in this work the variable tourism – precisely the eco-tourism. Keywords: sustained environmental management, environmental strategy, eco-tourism. 1 Introduction The intensive and indiscriminate use of renewable and non-renewable natural resources, associated to the demographic explosion and an increased awareness that the Earth is the only habitat possible for man to live, in his more predictable


sustained environmental management, environmental strategy,eco-tourism.