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Preferred Service Quality In Domestic Airlines: South Africa Versus Italy


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J. W. de Jager & L. de W. Fourie


This paper investigates the level of importance of pre selected service quality variables of local passengers with regard to the services rendered to them when making use of domestic airlines in South Africa and Italy. This information is relevant for management decision making with regard to maintaining a competitive position in a highly competitive air transport industry. The need for the study resulted from a worldwide tendency of economic downturn and the public caution on air travel, which is caused by the capacity of the airline industry to exceed demand substantially. The aim of this paper is therefore to identify the most important variables that travellers in South Africa and Italy value and expect from a domestic airline service provider. The outcome of the research may offer better understanding with regard to service quality management in the airline industry in developing countries and developed countries and could result in developing competitive strategies based upon quality concepts. Keywords: service quality, airlines, marketing, Italy, South Africa. 1 Introduction The continuing support of transport business is dependent on imitative behaviour of travellers. According to Miller et al. [11] the most effective way to ensure imitative behaviour or repeat travellers are to provide a product or service that continuously meets the traveller’s expectations. In reality, when endeavouring to deliver a service of continued quality, this task becomes formidable and, at times, impossible.


service quality, airlines, marketing, Italy, South Africa.