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The Acoustical Improvement Plan As A Process To Re-establish Acceptable Acoustical Conditions


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M. Clerico & G. Soffredini


The word \“Acoustical Improvement Plan” indicates a set of provisions, related to land management and suitable to reach the targets defined in the planning, with particular reference to acoustical standards satisfaction. The acoustical improvement plan could be interpreted as a loosening of the most critical nodes checked by the comparison between the noise mapping and the acoustical characterisation of a territory, but this interpretation could not reply to the most diffused question of acoustical quality. This condition derives by an approach founded on a multiplicity of actions and provisions, able to implement new logics in decisional processes that determines the territory planning and manages the transformation, with a particular attention to environmental noise problems. The purpose of this paper is to describe the plan identity, which isn’t represented by a specific planning action, but it invests and interests in particular actions of all politics of planning and territorial management, involving therefore the necessity to coordinate and to interact with the main instruments of territorial management. The acoustical improvement plan will not be the design of the intervention aimed to restore the sound levels limits, but a process, structured as a set of provisions and principles of urban planning and government of the territory, with the purpose to re-establish acceptable acoustic conditions for the critical zones, but also in order to prevent eventual future suffering. Keywords: noise pollution, acoustical improvement plan, environmental planning, land management.


noise pollution, acoustical improvement plan, environmental planning, land management.