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Land Use Evaluation And Planning For Integrated Rural Development (the Case Of A Hellenic Region)


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O. Christopoulou & G. Arabatzis


Proper land use and management of natural resources are considered as subjects of high importance for the achievement of fundamental socio-economic objectives. Lack of competent management and inappropriate use of land, concerning both current and future needs, will result in the continual degradation of these valuable resources. This paper examines the potential for three alternative land uses (agriculture, forestry and range management) and reforestations in the county of Pella. It was established that land usage cannot be changed from agriculture to forestry and/or range management; while on the contrary, the transition from range management to forestry can be successfully achieved. Keywords: land use, land evaluation, land capability, rural development. 1 Introduction The surface of our planet is a mosaic of different foliage and geophysical features. Its characteristics are defined by many different factors such as: permanent and temporary changes in the atmosphere, land type and usage, geological factors, the availability of water and the different plants and animals that are found both above and below its surface. It is at the same time a terrain of both physical and socioeconomic activity, it is the area where human activity takes place and where human needs are met, and it is the foundation on which


land use, land evaluation, land capability, rural development.