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The Role Of Industries In Air Pollution And Guidelines: A Case Study Of The City Of Tabriz


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H. Mojtabazadeh


The emergence of the renaissance and invention of the steam engine was the beginning of the industrial revolution era, which resulted in the introduction of a large number of industrial complexes as a basis for new investments and the development of the societies. In the light of this issue, some countries (the present developed countries), which were regarded as the pioneers of industrial revolution, were able to continue their way so as to become industrialized, especially in the last three decades of the 19 th century, and it was due to the advantages they had, like specialized manpower and wealth. This also caused a gap between prevention societies and underdeveloped countries. From that time on, some of the underdeveloped countries, which were in search of finding a way to compensate for the lag, hastily decided to become industrialized while disregarding the hazardous aspects of this phenomenon on their environment (ecological problems). Our country Iran, as well as other countries, in its second developing program decided to consider industrialization in its long term program, therefore the city of Tabriz with a population of over 2 million was selected as the core of the industrialization in this project. In this study the researcher noticed that because of some problems like inaccurate planning and inappropriate location finding for the industrial complexes in Tabriz, it has had a negative impact on air pollution. Right now the city of Tabriz is suffering from some sort of air pollution like other big cities. This article attempts to name some of the key components that have to be considered before implementation of any industrial project. 1. Location finding for any manufacturing site in accordance with geographical conditions. 2. Classification of the industries according to the amount of pollution they may have. 3. Study of the impacts of environmental pollution that is caused by industries. 4. Presentation of applied guidelines for minimizing the environmental problems. Keywords: industry, pollution, environment, sustainable development.


industry, pollution, environment, sustainable development.