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The Global Sustainable Development With Emphasis On Sustainable Ecotourism


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A. Estelaji, H. Mojtabazadeh, M. Ranjbar& R. Sarvar


The developmental strategies of the world may fall into following categories: Physical strategies; Economic strategies; Socio-Cultural strategies; Regional-spatial strategies. Based on these strategies, various approaches have been followed in different countries. Considering the globalization development process throughout the world, and the urgent need for attention to worldwide development it can be assumed that the universally accepted approach is \“Life territory sustainable development”. Planning for sustainable ecotourism and tourism is accordingly assumed to serve as a very important factor for realising this objective. The number of world tourists today has risen from 626,000 annually to 1.6 billion. The total income from tourism will reach $445 billion by the year 2020. In planning for global sustainable development many other factors, including a close organic relationship between tourism and socio economic, cultural and ecological with aspects, survival and biological cooperation, as well as basic well-thought relations of human societies with ecological surroundings need to be taken into consideration. Accordingly, sustainability should be a target for development plans at global, regional, urban and rural levels. Also, applied guidelines and approaches need to be developed in this regard. This article, as a result of the authors' research efforts, is thus an attempt to provide, through following procedures, an approach to global sustainable development with emphasis on \“sustainable ecotourism and tourism”: analysis and explanation of developmental strategies with emphasis on ecotourism and tourism; identification of needs and deficiencies of the world’s human society in the process of the world’s development; presentation of guidelines, and principles needed to design and develop urban perspective with emphasis on ecotourism and tourism; determination of appropriate policies for a better management of the tourism industry with emphasis on sustainable tourism and ecotourism. Keywords: ecotourism, sustainable development, environmental economy, global development, management.


ecotourism, sustainable development, environmental economy, global development, management.