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The Role Of Environment In Sustainable Development And Its Relation With Development Management


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K. Loloei


The desired object of national development and environment protection is nothing but improvement of the homeland in order to prepare appropriate environmental conditions for the flourishing of the intellectual and material potentials of the society. It is obvious that there is a possibility for the appearance of environmental problems in the course of the developmental process. Therefore, it has become necessary to employ engineering sciences for environment protection and to decrease the reverse effects of the civil and developmental projects on the environment to the minimum possible levels. When the development plan aims at preparation of an appropriate basis for the boom of the potential talent and capability of the society, and the increase of the life quality on a national level, the process of making an environment plan can be defined as the design of a suitable strategy for promotion of living standards on a national level, relying on the national intellectual and capital resources, with little reliance on non-native facilities. Through this paper the factor \“Environment” and its role in Sustainable Development and its relation with Development Management and Planning has been studied, with due consideration of the aspects concerned. Keywords: sustainable development, development management, environment management. 1 Preamble For a long time, civil residences as residential complexes have been affected by factors all originating from human societies. It is not irrelevant if we say that human beings have had some plans for their residences, but these plans were


sustainable development, development management, environment management.