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Planning And Management Of Protected Areas In Greece


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El. Beriatos


In Greece, nature protection as an integrated and cohesive policy has a relatively recent history. The last five years, many efforts have been made to formulate such a policy in order to achieve a better management and planning for the natural environment in all its aspects. In this respect the role of protected areas, as a planning tool, becomes very important not only for nature protection and conservation but also for local sustainable development. This paper refers to the current situation of the network of protected areas in Greece giving special emphasis on the main problems and causes of malfunction and inefficiency characterizing this network. At first, there is a critical examination of the recent developments regarding the completion of the institutional framework and especially the scientific, technical and administrative procedures required for the establishment of the appropriate managing authorities of the most important protected natural areas. Secondly, the paper investigates the role of the main institutional and organizational components as well as the socio-political parameters, which have influenced these developments. Finally, there is an attempt to elaborate the strategic guidelines (guiding principles) and priorities not only for the establishment but also for the assurance of a continuous and appropriate operation of these areas, as well as the respective managing authorities, in the framework of the national environmental policy and the policy for spatial planning and development. Keywords: nature protection, protected areas, managing authorities. 1 Introduction The protected areas as institutional and functional means for the protection of nature have, at the international level, a history of roughly one and a


nature protection, protected areas, managing authorities.