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Criteria For Choosing Tunnels As A Possible Corridor For Urban Public Installations


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R. Spaic & M. Terzic


This work defines the criteria for choosing corridors in planning and constructing urban public installations. On the basis of general urban solutions for public technical infrastructure corridors in the pre-investment analysis it is possible to develop in detail three corridor variants: the first is in the trunk of a planned road (beneath the road), the second is a public tunnel, and the third one is a combination of the previous two. For the given investment task are defined appropriate criteria: investment expenses, expenses of using and managing the object, stimulus in developing urban public system, and ecological effects. These criteria are adapted for application of the multi-criteria optimization method for the purpose of achieving an optimal solution. This all-inclusive and real procedure brings to the front the public tunnel as a long-time solution for the urban installations corridor. Keywords: public corridor, urban installations, optimization, criteria, public tunnel. 1 Introduction The process of programming public corridor is a hierarchy series of activities of erudite investigation for planning and constructing urban public tubes. The essence is in a creative role of the planner and the programmer in a team coordinated work. In practice, these are real problems with a very compound structure, and optimal solutions are very difficult to find. Since it is necessary to make decisions during the process of realizations of urban plans and in the programs of public development, this process should be


public corridor, urban installations, optimization, criteria, public tunnel.