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The Operative Process In Sustainable Urban Planning


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M. P. Amado


This document is intended to present a contribution to the development of urban planning actions through the establishment of an operative process that allows a sustainable development either for existing or for new urban areas. This operative process is theoretical, supported and adapted to the environmental and territorial planning. This process was previously checked in an application to establish the main factors and critical aspects in the achievement of the goals of the sustainable development. The checking list of objectives and sustainable strategies was carried out in the beginning through criteria based on the feasibility of the process. It is clear that the determinate factors of the process promoted the participation and conduct of the population in the planning phase. Nonetheless, the operability of the process was checked one could realize that a critical aspect related to the enormous amount of data to collect was mislead in the implementation of stage 2. This situation may lead to an eventual loss of objectivity in case it is not verified an efficient and simultaneous coordination. In conclusion, the document shows the base of a new operative process that promotes the inclusion at any level of urban intervention of the concept of sustainable development. This inclusion is established as the main strategy in the transformation of the use of the land. Keywords: sustainable development, urban planning, process, goal, reference situation, conception, implementation phases.


sustainable development, urban planning, process, goal, reference, situation, conception, implementation phases.