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White Book Of Urban Spanish Brownfields


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P. F-Canteli, A. Callaba, C. Alonso, H. Palacios & I. Iribarren


The Geological Survey of Spain (IGME) in a co-operative effort with the Spanish Ministry of Environment, is currently setting up the foundations for a white book on urban brownfields. This document aims to fill the knowledge gap on the extent and nature of this emerging issue. In order to acquire an overall and precise view of the Spanish situation, information is being collected from the different Regional Authorities involved in this question (Environment, Land Planning, Economy and Social Services departments). Diverse projects carried out on important industrial areas affected by this situation are being consulted to compile the measures adopted to make a better neighbourhood, a better community and a better quality of life around them. Among the primary goals of the above mentioned paper is the introduction of enough information on environmental problems of these properties and their redevelopment possibilities in order to design fitted policies, and also the increase of the awareness on this topic between policy makers and land planners. 1 Introduction For the last 30 years, Spanish economy has experimented several changes. At the end of the fifties, Spanish economic system depended on some sectors, which were hardly influenced from international Market such as mining, iron and steel, metallurgic, or naval industries. A new concept of international market policy appeared in the early 1960s, brought a deregulated and more competitive Market. Industries, mines, and factories were obligated to improve their technology and processes. However, the need of considerable amounts of investment to modernise the obsolete equipment and plants made a lot of them (mainly medium and small sized) go bankrupt.