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Interdisciplinary Approach For Brownfields


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H. Klapperich


The topic of "Remediation of previously used sites" occupies professional engineers in the field of Geo-Technology, Civil Engineering, Process Engineering and Mining, Engineering Geologists, Biologists and Micro- Biologists, Geologists specialized in Hydrology and Geo-chemistry, Physicists and Chemists, Town Planners, Landscape Architects and, beside those disciplines of technology and design, the property sector, banks, insurance sector and politics including planning authorities and environmental Legislation. The central position, of course, is taken up by the land owner, respectively the investor. The complexity of the subject requires a successful approach with the aim of "reuse", taking into account and mastering risks and many obstacles. This calls for ideas which demonstrate solutions and innovative concepts. An interdisciplinary Competence Centre for remediation, that concentrates various activities, is being established at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology by the author and three colleagues covering Geotechnique, Economics and Business Administration, especially Construction Business Management, and Public law. The relevance of the theme is underlined by the loss of open land and a large number of urban brownfields, that in many German regions represent in equal parts a structural, planning and environmental handicap. A systematic approach to the management of land with local and regional involvement is a prime prerequisite for the management of property development in open areas as well as for the mobilization of urban brownfields. Activities throughout the European Unity, under the banner "City of Tomorrow", will set standards for indicators of sustainability - including the strongly propagated concept of "land consciousness".