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Redevelopment Of The Former Shell Haven Refinery


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J. M. Waters, C. Lambert, D. Reid & R. Shaw


It is proposed to redevelop the former Shell Haven Refinery in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, England into a world class port and business centre creating up to 16,500 new jobs. The refinery closed at the end of 1999 and a series of site assessments and progressive remediation has been instigated to address areas of historical contamination. A Quantitative Risk Assessment was undertaken to develop site specific risk based remediation goals which were accepted by the Environment Agency in England and the Local Authority, Thurrock Council. Shell adopted more stringent remediation targets based on addressing potential commercial and reputation concerns. The result was a pragmatic, sustainable approach to soil and groundwater remediation focusing on: bioremediation of oil impacted soil; removal of free product; monitoring of natural attenuation processes; and off-site disposal of the more untreatable materials. Phase I remediation activities are currently drawing to a close including the excavation of approximately 1 15,000m3 of oil contaminated soil. Almost 80% of this material has been treated on site using licensed mixed biopiles, making this project what is believed to be the UK's largest on-site bioremediation project. The balance of unbeatable material has been sent for licensed disposal using a dedicated rail loading facility installed for the purpose. Further works are currently being planned and it is anticipated that a Phase la contract will be let in May 2002