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The Brownfields Cookbook: A Redevelopment Guide


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S. Villavaso, P. Sinel & L. Dauterive


The Brownfields Cookbook: a redevelopment guide is meant to serve as a toolbox for communities looking for assistance and ideas for redeveloping brownfields in their localities. This guide is not only meant to serve the needs of those communities located in Southeastern Louisiana, but nationwide as well for brownfields can exist in any community, in any state. The redevelopment of such sites into productive and safe uses is a major issue for Louisiana communities, as well as communities nationwide, where urban sprawl and environmental issues are major factors affecting land use and development today. By focusing on lessons learned and the examples put forward by the Southeast Louisiana Brownfields Economic Redevelopment Assessment Demonstration Pilot Program, the members of the Regional Planning Commission and participating parishes (i.e. counties) provide h s toolbox example of redevelopment practices and principles. To demonstrate these practices and principles, this cookbook closely examines the unique area of Southeast Louisiana and offers outstanding examples of community efforts to encourage brownfield redevelopment to meet the needs of the citizens, the economy and the environment of the region. In addition, the cookbook provides a partial list of resources available to communities looking for funding, or just assistance with getting a brownfields redevelopment program off the ground. These resources range from voluntary cleanup programs, to liability assurances for the protection of the community, and to new federal brownfields legislation.