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Remediation And Redevelopment Of The Former Highway Maintenance Yard, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada


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G. J. Johnson, D. Mattinson, & D. Friesen


Remediation and redevelopment of the former highway maintenance yard, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada G. J. Johnson1, D. Mattinson2, & D. Friesen2 1Komex International Ltd, Calgary, Canada 2Hazco Environmental Services Ltd, Calgary, Canada Abstract Komex International Ltd., in conjunction with Hazco Environmental Ltd., has implemented a remediation and redevelopment program for a 21.8 hectare industrial property located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. The property was first developed in the early 1960’s as a small petroleum refinery which manufactured heating oil, gasoline and diesel. In the early 1970’s, the refinery was decommissioned and the property was given to the Province of Alberta which operated a highway maintenance yard. In 2000, Hazco and Komex entered into an agreement with the Province to remediate and redevelop the site for subsequent industrial/commercia1 use. This program was completed in 2001. The property in question was contaminated by crude oil and refined products associated with the original refinery, as well as by salt storage and underground fuel tanks associated with the highway maintenance yard. Organic contaminants were remediated to a level appropriate for industriaYcommercia1 reuse. Salt impacts were managed on-site by installing containment systems. The project is significant because it was completed for the Province of Alberta, who are the responsible party in this case and are also the regulatory body. This shows the Province’s support of the Brownfields development concept and the idea of transition of environmental responsibilities. It is also significant because the property is the only remaining industrial land in Grande Prairie, a fast growing northern centre for natural gas exploration. Redevelopment of the property ultimately conserves the natural areas and farmland that surround Grande Prairie.