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Sustainable Intraurban Cities: The Moema Tinoco Project In The City Of Natal, Brazil


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D. Cunha Lima Neto, P. Italo dos Santos Galvão, K. Brandão


The present work consists of demonstrating, through a project located in an area of 121.67 hectares, Environmental Protection Zone-9 in Natal, Brazil, the building of sustainable social housing. In addition to this, the project also involves improvements in infrastructure, through the implementation of urban equipment and community, aimed at social, economic and environmental urbanization. The architectural project shows us the possibility of building social housing seeking an integration with the surrounding population, respecting sustainable ideas. The project was explained in Public Hearing for the purpose of the regulations of the Environmental Protection Zone-9 in Natal, Brazil, still pending. Furthermore, there was a meeting with the regional manager of Civil Construction of the Caixa Economica Federal (CEF) in RN, Ivonaldo Henrique de Souza, at which he showed considerable interest in the proposal. Marcelo Rosado, Municipal Secretary of Environment and Urbanism, in turn, considered that it is necessary to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability. As a partial result had also a meeting with Homer Grec, Housing Secretary, Project and Land Regularization Structuring, when he made alarming data about the housing deficit in Natal and claimed that in the north there is no urban voids with sufficient capacity for social housing in the range 1, although there are CEF resources for this purpose through the Casa Azul Seal CEF.


sustainable, social housing, urban strategies, quality of life, urban poor, development, technology, environment, project, intraurban