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Analysis Of Lead (Pb) Pollution In The River Estuaries Of Jakarta Bay


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M. Rumanta


The purpose of this study is to obtain information about the level of Pb in the sediment of the estuaries surrounding Jakarta Bay and to compare them. Samples were taken from 9 estuaries by using a grab sampler at three different location points – the left, right and the middle sides of the river. Then, samples were collected in one bottle sample and received drops of concentrated HNO3. The taking of samples was repeated three times. In addition, an in situ measurement of pH and temperature of samples was taken as proponent data. The Pb concentration of the river sediment was measured using an AAS flame in the laboratory of Balai Penelitian Tanah Bogor. Data was analyzed statistically (one way ANOVA and t-test student) by using SPSS-11.5 software. The results show that Pb concentration in the sediment of the estuaries surrounding Jakarta was quite high (20–336 μg/g). The sediment of Ciliwung River in the rainy season was the highest (336 μg/g). Pb concentration of sediment in the dry season was higher than that in the rainy season, except in Ciliwung River. It was concluded that all rivers flowing into Jakarta Bay make a significant contribution to the Pb pollution in Jakarta Bay, and the one with the largest contribution was Ciliwung River.


Pb, sediment, estuaries, dry season, rainy season, AAS flame