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Architectural Heritage In The City Of Hebron And The Rehabilitation Of The Historical Centre


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G. J. Dweik


The entire Arab region is rich in history. Many civilizations lived in the area before and during the Islamic rule, the investigation laid to many evident signs of the past. The main objective of this paper is to highlight the cultural and urban heritage of the old city of Hebron in Palestine. It will also reveal the historical details, the rehabilitation works and also providing the essential needs and services for the area. Souq al wakala in the old city of Hebron has a unique Architecture, the style of this souq (market) is widespread throughout the whole region, testifying to the richness of its history. However, this site has its own characteristics that depend on its history and culture. This site also has its own special historical value, especially in Palestine, that is why “Hebron Rehabilitation Centre” (HRC), focused on rehabilitating and planning to reuse the building as a guest house to cover the HRC, needs to have a rest place for their guests. This paper focuses on restudying the Souq Al-wakala project, which contains many focal functions, such as; restaurant, cafeteria, entrance hall, lecture hall, bedrooms and other building utilities. The purpose of this paper is to prepare designs according to the international standards and requirements regarding the rehabilitation projects so that HRC can benefit.