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The Identification And Management Of Water Losses In Water Systems By Computer Analysis


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G. Perillo, F. Sorrentino


A water distribution system requires constant and thorough maintenance in addition to well-organised running procedures. Once built, it must be considered susceptible to malfunctions and therefore in need of continual supervision. Neglecting a water distribution network is a grave error which may result in the total deterioration of the entire system.

First and foremost, a water distribution system requires the monitoring of leaks. There is no such thing as a leak-free water network and such losses are always of some importance even in the best maintained systems.

In order to determine the entity of leaks it is necessary to conduct accurate water measurements at source, at entry to tanks and at entry to the distribution system, and then compare these flows to one another and to the readings taken at the individual distribution meters. This paper aims to analyse the process for identifying and monitoring leaks in water systems with particular reference to the use of computerised systems which, once in place, can undertake the continuous number-crunching task of comparing the water flows.

‘Intelligent’ water distribution calls for an integrated system of products, solutions and processes which afford managers the continual remote monitoring and identification of any critical situations; this will enable them to define priorities and establish maintenance interventions and will provide them with the data needed to optimise the performance of the water distribution network.

A survey conducted around the world has shown that intelligent water systems can help distribution companies save up to 12.5 billion dollars per year.


water losses, computerized systems, management of water