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The Effectiveness Of Urban Management In Jordanian Municipalities


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J. Alnsour


Jordan faces huge forced migration from multiple surrounding countries (including Palestinians and Syrian refugees). As this is accompanied by its limited natural resources such as water and energy, there is an urgent need for effective urban management. Assessment of the effectiveness of urban management can contribute to supporting the decision-making process, in addition to enhancing planning practices. To assess the effectiveness of urban management, six variables were taken into account, including technical competence, efficiency in the use of resources, financial viability, responsiveness to the needs of urban growth, sensitivity to the needs of the urban poor, and concern for environmental protection. A qualitative approach utilizing in-depth-interviews was employed as a method of data collection; these interviews were conducted with the mayors from a variety of municipalities in Jordan. Empirical findings have revealed that the level of urban management effectiveness is low, although effectiveness differs across municipalities and across cities, based on financial, technological, and human differences. Findings revealed that Jordanian municipalities meet several challenges in the six variables that were utilized to assess effectiveness of urban management. Several recommendations to improve planning practices are suggested in this paper. These include institutional change, improvement of the performance of human resources, a reassessment of the funding allocated to municipalities from the public budget, institutionalization of the relationship between citizens and municipalities, increasing the participation of people in the decision making process, the development of public–private partnership, the establishment of a center for environmental research and reassessment of the current laws for urban planning.


effectiveness, urban management, urban planning, municipalities, Jordan