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Experimental And Economical Study Of Sustainable Electricity Generation By Solar PV/diesel Hybrid Systems Without Storage For Off Grid Areas


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D. Yamegueu, Y. Azoumah & X. Py


This paper presents the results of an experimental study of a PV/diesel hybrid system without storage. The results obtained show that the sizing of a PV/diesel hybrid system, by taking into account the solar radiation and the load/demand profile of a typical area, must permit the diesel generator to operate near its optimal point (70–90% of its nominal power). It has been verified that the reliability of the system necessitates that the diesel generator be sized to meet the peak-load demand in case of transient cloud and in the evening. Also, a comparative analysis for three different systems (diesel and solar PV generators only, and hybrid solar PV/diesel system) for powering a same load profile has been made and shows that the hybrid system is more cost-efficient than the two others. These results show that there is a possibility to increase the electrification rate in remote areas by the implementation of hybrid solar PV/diesel systems. Keywords: hybrid system, photovoltaic, diesel, electrification, off-grid areas. 1 Introduction The electrification rate in sub-Saharan Africa is lower than in any region of the world. Indeed, more than 70% of the populations of this region are excluded from the benefits linked to the electricity. The situation is more catastrophic in


hybrid system, photovoltaic, diesel, electrification, off-grid areas