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Energy and Sustainability III

Energy and Sustainability III

Edited By: Y. VILLACAMPA, Universidad de Alicante, Spain; A A MAMMOLI, The University of New Mexico, USA and C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK


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It has been clear for some time that the way in which our society exists, operates, and develops is strongly influenced by the way in which energy is produced and consumed. No industrial process can proceed without an adequate energy supply, and without industrial production, society lacks the commodities on which it depends.

Our energy systems have evolved over a long period and continue evolving in response to the needs of both Industry and Society. This evolution involves technological development and innovation, especially now that we need to look beyond simple fuel combustion as a source of energy and consider both greater efficiency in the use of energy and new ways of producing it.


The Third International Conference convened on the subject is the latest in a biennial series that brings together experts from around the world. Their papers, contained in this book, include research on: Renewable energy technologies; Biomass processes and biofuels; Energy management; Energy policies; Energy and the environment; Energy analysis; Energy efficiency; CO2 sequestration and storage.


Conference: Energy and Sustainability 2011

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