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Energy and Sustainability VIII
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Energy and Sustainability VIII

Edited By: A. Tadeu, University of Coimbra, PORTUGAL


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Transaction Series

WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment

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Originating from the 8th edition of the Energy and Sustainability conference, the research included in this volume contribute to the increasing amount of interest in renewable energy resources and the search for maintainable energy policies. Energy production and distribution need to respond to the modern world’s dependency on conventional fuels.

This volume includes collaborative research between different disciplines, including materials, energy networks, new energy resources, storage solutions, waste to energy systems, smart grids and many other related subjects.

Energy policies and management are of primary importance to achieve the development of sustainability and need to be consistent with recent advances in energy production and distribution. Challenges lie as much in the conversion from renewable energies such as wind and solar to useful forms like electricity, heat and fuel at an acceptable cost (including environmental damage) as in the integration of these resources into an existing infrastructure.

A range of topics are covered, including: Energy policies; Renewable energy resources; Sustainable energy production; Environmental risk management; Green buildings; Energy storage; Energy management; Biomass and biofuels; Waste to energy; Processing of oil and gas; CO2 capturing and management; Pipelines; Energy efficiency; Smart grids; Energy and transport; Case studies.

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