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Development Of A Novel High Performance Continuous Cake-less Filtration System


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J. Tsubaki, T. Katsuoka, T. Yamada, H. Satone, T. Mori & T. Sugimoto


A new cake-less continuous filtration system has been developed for large-scale treatment. Sericite slurries prepared by adding water glass as dispersant were filtered by the developed filtration system. It was shown that a spiral guide rod inserted into a ceramic tube filter is very effective for the cake-less continuous filtration. This system achieves much higher filtration rate compared to a conventional cross-flow filtration and we can collect much denser concentrate continuously without any cake formation. Keywords: dispersant, dynamic cross-flow filtration, purification, solid-liquid separation, suspension, thickening, washing. 1 Introduction Cake filtration is widely used in many industries to separate solid particles from liquid. In cake filtration, a cake grows continuously on a filter media and the filtration rate gradually decreases due to progressive increase in the cake resistance. In order to reduce the resistance, flocculants are usually added in a slurry. By adding flocculants, the filtration rate can be increased because the formed cake has looser porous structure, therefore many researches have been done to develop more effective flocculants. However, because of adding flocculants, the packing fraction of the formed cake is always relatively low. This means that the cake contains much water and the more time and cost are spent for drying after filtration. In addition, the formed cake on the filter media has to be scraped mechanically, which makes the system operate by batch process.


dispersant, dynamic cross-flow filtration, purification, solid-liquidseparation, suspension, thickening, washing.