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Development Of Process Envelopes For Cement-based Stabilisation/solidification Of Metal Treatment Filtercakes


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J. A. Stegemann & Q. Zhou


Treatment by stabilisation/solidification with cement-based binders (S/S) is an option for wastes that cannot be prevented or reduced, such as metal treatment sludges from a variety of industries. A laboratory research project at University College London (UCL) is being conducted to generate a coherent body of data regarding S/S of metal treatment filtercakes, with the intention of investigating relationships between engineering and leaching properties and stabilised/solidified (s/s) product composition. This paper reports on the results from application of screening tests (consistence, bleeding, setting time, unconfined compressive strength (UCS), distilled water extraction, hydraulic conductivity) to more than 40 s/s products containing four different metal treatment sludges treated with four different binder systems. The threshold values of the key properties can be used to define process envelopes that describe the limits of applicability of S/S to the chosen waste types. This investigation of metal treatment filtercakes is part of the ProCeSS project, which is being conducted by a consortium of five universities and 17 industrial partners, under the UK DIUS Technology Strategy Board (TP/3/WMM/6/I/ 15611). Keywords: industrial waste treatment, testing, leaching. 1 Introduction Treatment by stabilisation/solidification with cement-based binders (S/S) is often proposed for wastes from the chemical and metal industries that cannot be


industrial waste treatment, testing, leaching.